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Success Stories

Aadesh Chaudhary

I have had many encounters with Java In my IT careers, but I had never understood the subject then what I did after my 3 months training of "IT SPARK" institute. I had so aha! Movement about many topics that I thought I had understood in past. Our Trainers cleared many fundamental topics in a way that they would stay with me for a long time to come. To IT students living in that would help you every step in your career.” To experienced professional I would say “Do it & you would see Java in a different light.”

Arvind Kumar ( HCL Technologies )

This program has taught me a lot of things since I joined a IT SPARK a year s ago. It has allowed me to improve my standard of Programing languages. All my best wishes to "IT SPARK" Institute for continuing the fantastic work of knowledge sharing and producing good quality Software gurus !!!

Badal Singh Malik ( Wipro )

The course has been good, I have enjoyed because of the way the modules are scheduled. There is a lot of flexibility, so you can do other things. I really enjoyed it. Particularly the writing and the theory aspects, when I came here at Noida, every thing was new to me but as the time goes on , I am now enjoying my studies. Now I am placed and enjoying my life at CSC.

Ranjan - AS/400 ( CSC )

Team IT SPARK is really doing a great job to help the students in Delhi/NCR. It’s really cool and also offers the best learning experience. Even the contests you put up help in exploring the skills of an aspirant at its best. I’m really honoured to be a part of it. Keep up the good work. All the very best Team IT SPARK!

Pranav - AS/400 (HCL)